Do you have times when you are in harvest mode?

Grapes ready for harvest

Seasonally in my part of the world (Cape Town, South Africa), January, February and March are a great time of celebration of the grape harvest where much time and energy are invested in reaping activities.  This had me thinking about harvest mode, especially as I have had an uncomfortable feeling about letting my blog slip for 3 months and have been wondering how will I start up again and maintain the momentum.  . 

So what do I mean by harvest mode?  The mode where you are in the thick of hard work, focussed and with your head down and find very little time for anything else, especially for sowing activities like writing and connecting...  

As I reflect now, there is something joyful about seeing this past quarter as harvest time.  It offers perspective and appreciation for the fact that being busy and committed at times is necessary and with appreciation and acceptance, the season passes and there is more space again for different seasonal activities.  I must confess this is not my usual orientation –being hard on myself for what I have not managed to do is much more my style.  This re-framing has helped me ease back into writing with energy.  

Using nature as inspiration, we can see new perspectives, learn to celebrate what is, and bring much needed focus on what is in our control and what is not.  On the other hand, looking inside ourselves, questioning, judging and berating ourselves can do just the opposite; narrow perspectives, shut down joy and appreciation and simply keep us stuck.

Next time you find yourself focusing on what you have not yet done, where you have not spent your energy, ask yourself:  

What lessons might nature offer me to re-frame my situation and unlock focus and energy?