6 Steps to unlock energy

As spring makes way for summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, I am reminded of the vigour and energy manifest in nature.  I am also so conscious of how the final quarter of the year gathers pace, and how much I want to arrive at the holiday period with energy intact and filled with joy.  Here are some tips to help you release fresh energy in the final stretch to year end.

  1. Make a list of those things that you keep intending to do that remain undone.  Think of work and life commitments.  
  2. Review your list and ask yourself whether they warrant doing at all?
  3. If not, consciously strike them off the list.    Notice what shifts in your energy.
  4.  Ask yourself whose support you can enlist to complete the outstanding items that remain.
  5. Set a date by when you will have cleared your list and enlist your supporters.
  6. Daily review your list and take the necessary steps to free up your energy by attending to these outstanding items.  Notice how you feel as you take these steps.   

What are your top tips for keeping focus and energy high at this time of the year?