“I don’t play politics”: An attitude that will hurt your career growth

Have you ever felt incensed that despite your reputation for delivering excellent results, you witness your less-hard-working colleagues or friends time and again getting the promotion, or the opportunity to work on the exciting new project?    Have you also found that lamenting how unfair this is or speaking to your boss about it just makes things worse? 

Warning: 6 symptoms you need to work on your communication

Warning:  6 symptoms you need to work on your communication

Most people would agree that communicating powerfully is a key capability of effective leaders.  This becomes increasingly important as your leadership responsibilities grow in size and impact.  When it’s about improving public speaking, conveying your message to the media, speaking up in meetings or listening better, leaders are quick to recognise these as communication issues.   What about those less recognised symptoms of communication problems?  Could you be ignoring these six early warning signs that suggest you would do well to take a closer look at your communication?  

Not recognising these less known symptoms will detract from your power to achieve the results you want and enjoy more fulfilment in your role.


Career: A word that makes your heart sink

Career:  A word that makes your heart sink

Does the word career leave you with a sinking feeling?  

I presented at the Business Woman’s association last week and asked an open ended question about the image the word career evoked in people’s minds.  I was surprised to hear that it left some with a sinking and uncomfortable feeling. A corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur and an accountant running a successful business for more than 15 years found it hard to even think of an image – the word felt constraining, corporate and not really what they did.   Why was this? 

Do you have times when you are in harvest mode?

Seasonally in my neck of the woods (Cape Town, South Africa) January, February and March are a great time of celebration of the grape harvest where so much time and energy is invested the reaping activities.  This had me thinking, especially since I have had an uncomfortable feeling about my writing and blogging.  I have let it slip for 3 months, and wondered how I will start up again and maintain the momentum.  

So what do I mean by harvest mode and how can nature help us re-frame our perspectives?

Don't Ignore your Dreams

Don't Ignore your Dreams

Before I finish up for the holidays, I find myself inevitably thinking about the year ahead.  I am no fan of New Year's resolutions for many of the obvious reasons, and so was excited when I found Paul Graham's  "Top of my ToDo List".  

Starting the New Year with these 5 commands at the top of my To Do list daily, I am already excited!  Maybe this idea inspires you too.  

6 Steps to unlock energy

As spring makes way for summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, I am reminded of the vigour and energy manifest in nature.  I am also so conscious of how the final quarter of the year gathers pace, and how much I want to arrive at the holiday period with energy intact and filled with joy.  Here are 6 steps to release fresh energy in the final stretch to year end.

Could you be overusing your strengths?

Could you be overusing your strengths?

Jake discovered his love for maths at school.  He also discovered his love for people, connection, his culture and helping others.  Ambitious from young, he was never constrained by circumstances or limited in what he thought possible for his life and career.  Navigating a career in a multinational organisation beyond being a technical specialist was was obvious given his strong IQ and EQ skills.  However the higher up the organisation he advanced, the more he realised the very strengths that had led him to his current success would not take him to the next levels.  He needed to see things differently.

When being perfect leaves you feeling burdened and exhausted

 When being perfect leaves you feeling burdened and exhausted

When Jane, a senior leader in a multinational consulting company, started coaching, there were never enough hours in the day.  Weeks saw her accomplishing a to-do list of impressive magnitude and the weekends engaging fully as mother, daughter, partner and friends.  Only problem was how long this could go on....  she could never switch off, was feeling exhausted but could not stop as there was always more to be done, always a role to play, and always someone depending on her.