Executive Coaching

Improve your leadership impact

Through a tailored executive coaching programme I will partner with you to make significant shifts in your thinking and acting.   I will challenge you to see new possibilities, unlock your passion, potential and expand your competence in sustainable ways.  

Executive coaching is a structured relationship between two business partners who contract to work together for a period of time.  It is designed to  improve leadership and professional awareness and improve business results. 


  1. The virtual executive coaching package
  2. The blended executive coaching 
  3. The comprehensive face to face package

Team coaching and development

Build engaged and high performing teams

 I help teams communicate more effectively and appreciate their collective strengths.  Through improved, trust and shared meaning collaboration,  engagement and performance  improve as people connect their stories with a larger collective purpose.  


  1. Team coaching 
  2. Team agility and managing change 
  3. The power of conversations 
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Managing time and priorities


Unlock your potential 

Discovering your purpose and path is a gift that unlocks benefits for you, your company and the world.  I am eager to support you in progress and make a bigger impact through your work and experience the joy and fulfilment you deserve.  


  1. The Executive Career Transition Package 
  2. The Virtual Career Coaching Package
  3. Navigating my career workshops
  4. My career stories of success 1 hour presentation or webinar


Improve your wellbeing and relationships

  • Do you long for a sense of ease, health, well-being and happiness?  
  • Would you like to change self-defeating habits?  
  • Would you like more healthy and fulfilling relationships? 

Coaching can help you to achieve clarity on your key priorities, better understand how you are working for and against yourself, and help you live a more confident, successful and fulfilled life.


  1. The Brief coaching  programme
  2. The Integral  coaching programme
  3. The Virtual coaching programme 

To find out more about any of the coaching packages above or to discuss your specific needs please contact me.