Unlock clarity, focus and energy.

Simplify your life and lead with joy. 

It’s easy to get stuck in a busy trap, chasing after results and living up to others expectations. Wondering is this all worth it.

I believe that when you discover what matters most and understand how you trip yourself up, you will make the changes that invite more success, balance and fulfillment into your life.  

I’m Veronica Royston (link to about me)  and I am here to help you cut to the core. To confront your blind spots and to celebrate your strengths and unlock clarity, focus, energy and joy. 

As a business psychologist and professional certified coach (ICF) I have been coaching internationally since 2008.   My passion is coaching business leaders to be their best.  

 If you want to experience greater success and lead with joy, let’s talk.

When is coaching valuable?

The reasons people benefit from professional coaching are unique to every individual.  Our stories (link to the customer stories) all differ.  The essence lies in recognising the opportunity to take an active approach to create a better life and better you. 

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You are successful and ambitious and want to feel invigorated by your work, contributing your best skills. You want to make a big impact as a leader, out of the detail, with a strong team supporting you as you contribute to the bigger picture.  You want to feel that you are achieving better results year on year and making a difference in the world. 

Yet it often feels like work is all consuming with time for little else. You are under pressure to do more with less and may be struggling to delegate, driving long hours, caught in a busyness trap that is hard to escape.   You have a sense that there must be another way. 
You long for a team that is effective and working optimally but all too often you find your team stuck in silo mentality driving their own agendas.  

Maybe you are struggling to effectively navigate the political landscape while remaining true to yourself.  Or you are grappling with how to handle relationship conflict and build fruitful partnerships.

You may be at a career crossroads, asking yourself big questions about your life and work purpose, or you have reached a plateau and are wondering what’s blocking your progress.  

Or you have landed your dream job and are anxious to make the right first impressions.  Or maybe you have achieved all the milestones you wanted to, but are now left with a vague and empty feeling, wondering “What is enough ...?” or “Isn’t there more ...?”

If any of this resonates with you, (call to action)