I credit my promotion to Managing Director to Veronica’s support during our coaching journey and my next move will be same. I found Veronica very professional, committed and has desire to see her client succeed. Her coaching focuses on the whole person and the chemistry that she builds with her client is her competitive advantage. I would say that coaching for Veronica is a calling not a profession. I would recommend anybody who is taking their development journey seriously to consider Veronica as coach, it has been a pleasure working with her. I am her committed fan!
— Managing Director: Global Resources Company
Being coached by Veronica, feels like having an honest conversation with yourself and really taking a closer look at the different aspects of your life and your work. She enabled me to have a deeper understanding from within. Her coaching has greatly assisted the development of all areas of my life especially my career and the organisation I direct.
— Kholisile Theo Ndindwa, Founder and Director iKapa Dance Theatre and Arts Township International
Veronica is highly intuitive, intelligent and very experienced and I benefited tremendously from my work with her. Her background in psychology, coupled with many years of corporate experience and the use of both narrative principles and the integral method in her coaching results in a superb coach, who I can recommend without reservation.
— Elise Malherbe, Strategist, Coach and Mentor
Veronica helped me to refocus, step up and create the energy and momentum to move forward in my career. I experienced her as empathetic, highly professional and exceptionally skilled human being. She helped me increase clarity, self-awareness, recognise personal blockages and to actively push through them. Simply put, the reason why I am moving forward with my life is because Veronica helped me. I count myself privileged to have crossed paths with her and can highly recommend her.
— Jeré Möller Online Marketing Strategist
“We spent a thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful time with Veronica and Linda where, through telling stories in different ways we laughed, felt listened to and appreciated, gained new insights into colleagues’ lives and thinking and as a result started relating to each other in new ways and with a renewed sense of respect. We walked out of the room with a set of tools that are simple yet extremely powerful in their application that we can use in the workplace to generate meaning and further the sense of community in the business. We also felt a little more connected and closer to each other than before the workshop started!”
— Head of HR Global FS Organisation
I found the coaching experience to be an eye opening experience with regards to how I reconcile my own self-perception with how I am perceived by others. Working with a coach helps dramatically when trying to answer difficult questions about one’s own habits and how to change them to achieve goals.
— Leader BPO Organisation
I started a coaching relationship with Veronica a year after being appointed to a managerial position in the higher education sector. This was a significant jump in responsibility from my past experience as an academic researcher. Initially, I did not have a concrete set of goals that I wanted to achieve, but rather a vague realisation that I could not deal with the new stresses brought by a leadership position more effectively. Veronica suggested working with narratives from there on and sketched an image of the figure that I had created for myself in my working life and also suggested a new narrative to work towards. I was immediately and absolutely blown away by the intuitive brilliance of her suggestions and also her insight into my personal narratives. We spent the last few session working with these narratives and I am still doing so today, almost a year after my coaching sessions ended. In hindsight, I can now testify that the coaching experience did have a profound effect on my life and also the manner in which I approach my work, colleagues and challenges. I am certainly more confident in my role as a manger and also more capable in dealing with day to day stresses. Most importantly, the experience has left me with an enhanced understanding of myself and also a clearer view of the points that I would like to improve and a road map to achieve these goals.
— Dr. Jaco Franken, Manager Graduate School of Economic and Management Studies University of Stellenbosh
Veronica was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board, and has assisted me to make the shift into thinking more deeply about my role and dared me to enhance my leadership approach. With her help I was able to identify which areas I needed to be improve on and found more balance in my life. I would highly recommend Veronica when you need to change quickly or progress gently.
— Candida Schörger, Advisor: Human Resources Expert at CSC
I had a wonderful experience being coached by Veronica. This has been my first time being coached professionally and I would definitely recommend it and would encourage all of my colleagues to do it.
From the first session I started feeling the benefits of the coaching sessions and Veronica made me feel very comfortable to be open and willing to explore all aspects of a situation. I enjoyed that most of the discussions were about how I reacted and how I felt to different situations… At some point I thought that being coached sometimes meant being told what to do… I quickly learned this was not the case and was pleased. Some of the tangible benefits I have now is my new ability to delegate freely (which was one of my main objectives at the start), reduced stress and anxiety, noticeably improved work-life balance, a bigger job and an improved performance appraisal… all within 6 months. Some of the intangible benefits, which I think will last with me longer, are the mechanisms and habits that produce so much awareness of why I do certain things, how I feel about them, what triggers I need to be careful of, what really makes me happy, etc. All of this awareness I then use to reflect and consider different actions to continuously search for happiness in everything I do.
— Leader: Multinational BPO and Information Technology services company
I was impressed by Veronica’s calm and incisive facilitation of a workshop with my leadership team. Good to see a strong bunch of executives opening up and having honest dialogue.
— Christo Davel: Founder and CEO 22 Seven
With just hours of coaching and practice that followed, I could change a lot of things although some of this was not why I started coaching with Veronica. But for her sheer expertise, I could not have identified the impact of a few innocuous looking traits on your personality and how people perceive you. Veronica, you were fantastic and I am thankful for all the help!!
— VP Multinational BPO and Information Technology Services Company
I was at a cross roads regarding my career when I contacted Veronica and set up several coaching sessions with her. The clarity that emerged and confirmation that I was making the most appropriate next step for me were the best gifts to myself. I would not have been able to achieve this without Veronica’s guidance and attention.
— Melanie Burke: CEO MAB & Associates (Pty) Ltd