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Welcome To Your Edge

It’s easy to get stuck in a busy trap, chasing after results and living up to others expectations. Wondering is this all worth it.

I believe that when you discover what matters most and understand how you trip yourself up, you will make the changes that invite more success, balance and fulfillment into your life.  

I’m Veronica Royston and I am here to help you explore and celebrate your strengths, discover your blindspots and improve your productivity and wellbeing.   

As a business psychologist and professional certified coach I have been coaching internationally since 2008 helping my clients to be better leaders and live more successful lives. 

If you want to improve your impact and contribution I am here to help you.  

When is coaching valuable?

The reasons people benefit from coaching are all different as our our stories are different. You will find coaching valuable if you want to achieve greater levels of impact and success and are curious and open to learning and changing.

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“It has been immensely enjoyable and beneficial for me to have Veronica Royston as an executive coach. From our first coaching session already, Veronica helped me to identify, clarify and overcome personal obstacles that were hampering me in both my work life and personal life. By asking gentle yet probing questions, and by referring me to useful learning materials, she enabled me to gain new insights and then to apply those in my own life. Each coaching session seemed to pass very quickly, and I invariably found myself looking forward to the next one.” 

- Corporate Affairs Director in a listed food and beverages company

“I have worked with Veronica in multiple organisations for over 15 years. Veronica is at the pinnacle of her profession. As a practitioner based Organisational Psychologist, Veronica consistently delivers outstanding solutions and results for individuals, teams and organisations. She balances commercial pragmatism with incisive challenge and empathetic intervention in a way very few can do. Veronica's expertise has proven value internationally. She is culturally agile and globally relevant. I highly recommend Veronica across the range of organisation, leadership and people development services and solutions.” 

- Barry Bloch Global Human Resources Director